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About The If I Could I Would Movement

You are passionate about creating a better world; whether you dream of reversing climate change, ending racial injustice, or eradicating poverty, you need your unique vision to reach as many people as possible—to challenge and inspire both those who share your goals and those who too readily accept the existing system. If I Could I Would (IICIW) amplifies your voice so that your vision of a better future can inspire global change.

IICIW is a movement that was developed by a high school student named Praja Tickoo. The goal of the movement is to collect and platform ideas for what a better future would look like, because in order to make our aspirations a reality, we must unite our voices and understand each other. By sharing your dreams, you are building a community and showing like-minded dreamers that they are not alone. You are also making a promise to yourself that you will strive to reach your goals.


If you have ever felt that the education system is not equipping students with the skills they need to make the changes you want to see, we are here to let you know you are not alone. Praja first became motivated to address this issue when he was exposed to the principles of design thinking. Design thinking emphasizes every person's ability to be creative, problem solve and think critically. It's these skills, when introduced into the education system, that can help the next generation to take their dreams and make them a reality.

It’s up to us to find solutions to the pressing problems that surround and threaten to overwhelm us. If we wait until after graduation to address them, it will be too late. Our world is rapidly changing; to take just one example, the COVID-19 pandemic showed that the world can transform dramatically in an instant. While the stimulus for change was a force of nature, the adjustments to society were the result of human action. It is indisputable that when people come together, we can accomplish the incredible. The only question is: What do we want our future to look like?



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